Zaccai Free

Zaccai is a multi-talented artist, educator, facilitator and performer.

He co-founded Solar Publishing with Robyn Ringgold in 2005 and today is its vice president.  Zaccai is author of the children’s book “Mbutu’s Mangos,” publisher of “My Mom Hugs Trees,” and creator of the exciting eco-awareness CD “Earth Day Everyday.”

In 2005, Zaccai accepted a full time position with the International Association of Human Values (IAHV).  He is a lead organizer and facilitator of their Youth Leadership Training Program and Youth Empowerment Seminar and has taught a wide variety of courses for homeless youth in Toronto, Canada; recovering addicts in Washington, DC; young adults from Pittsburgh’s most troubled communities; and Mexican gang members in Chicago. He spent a year serving as a Trauma Relief Specialist for Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Houston, Texas.