Rod Stryker

Rod Stryker, the founder of ParaYoga, has taught Tantra, Meditation and Hatha Yoga for over thirty years.  He is a master in the art of personalizing yoga and meditation practices for individuals, known as Anava-Upaya-Yoga.  Rod has owned two highly successful yoga studios in L.A. and has released a meditation CD and several yoga DVDs.  He is currently writing a book entitled The Four Desires, due out from Bantam in the spring of 2011.  Rod is also on the advisory board of Yoga + Joyful Living magazine and on the board of directors of the Himalayan Institute.

Rod has been studying yoga since the age of 19.  Under the tutelage of two great yoga masters, Rod has become one of the few Western teachers capable of articulating an authentic experience handed down from teacher to student for literally thousands of years.  He is the only American student of Kavi Yogiraj Mani Finger to be given the title “Yogiraj” (“Master of Yoga”), and he has been initiated as “Yogarupa” (“Embodiment of Yoga”) by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ph.D.

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