Editor of The Poetry of Yoga

Born mentally curious, emotionally sensitive, and attitudinally stubborn, I refuse to forget any single day.  Much of my life has been shaped by the experience of traveling around the world numerous times—in the past 10 years over 30 countries—to facilitate interactive workshops, dialogues, perform poetry, teach yoga, and speak with those interested in creating a caring, sustainable, and equitable world. 

I believe that no matter where one travels, they always remain in the same place, unless they are willing to change.

The physical body my soul inhabits entered Earth in New Jersey.  The name chosen for me by my biological parents was “Rajeev Radhakrishna Kasat.”  I spent many a summer of my childhood growing up in India.  Along the journey, many years ago, the mountain and wind reclaimed me as one of their own and insisted my name change and remain HawaH.  

I currently reside in Washington, DC as a community organizer, peace educator, author, spoken word poet, yoga instructor & artist. 

I have worked as an Americorps big brother in one of D.C.’s most under-resourced neighborhoods, and also as an R.F.K. Memorial Foundation fellow as a special representative to the United Nations and the World Conference Against Racism. There I was dismayed by the consistent and failed attempts of governments to represent people. 

Back in the year 2000, with the strength and fellowship of trusted friends.  I helped kick-start and co-founded One Common Unity, a non-profit organization.  For 3 years I directed the Peaceable Schools Program in D.C.’s largest public high school—specifically developing leadership skills of youth and assisting them in dealing with trauma through Alternatives to Violence, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Stress Reduction, Deep Breathing & Yoga classes. In addition to teaching regular classes, I developed and frequently trained youth in a unique Diversity Leadership Program—helping students celebrate their differences, become aware of their similarities, and grow through their empathy. 

In 2006 – 2007, I co-founded and directed an arts-based, interfaith peace and conflict resolution project to India-Kashmir-Pakistan known as ShantiSalaam.  This eight-week tour was a huge success, engaging young people across the border in dialogue about how to peacefully transform hostility between Muslims and Hindus living in the neighboring nations.

I persistently meditate, climb trees, and spend mornings training with breath. I have been described by some of my loved ones as being infatuated with glue. I love to write when I am unclear about my thoughts… paint when I am frustrated and happy.  The first and only art class I took was in 7th grade.  My teacher gave me a “C” on my final project.  Back then a grade mattered and I would work hard to try and earn good ones; now I am satisfied with never having “officially” graduated from college (this is another long story).

Everlutionary first began to enter in and out of my consciousness in the years of 1999-2000.  A little bit after that  time I had left for Africa, where I spent months hitchhiking thousands of miles. I self-published my 1st book about that journey in August 2001.  The book, called, Trails: Trust Before Suspicion (2001), is a non-fiction travel novel.  In October 2003, my 2nd second book titled Escape Extinction (2003) was released. This book is a collection of essays regarding peace and war, love and hate, creation and destruction. In December 2005, arrived my 3rd book zerONEss (2006); a reflection of poetry and prose examining origins, unity and limits.

In 2005, I released my first CD titled, “Survival for All of Us,” and in January 2010 my second musical album CALL (2010); I’ve also produced three documentary films A Weigh With Words (2008), The MLK Streets Project (2011), and Fly By Light (2013).

The Poetry of Yoga has been a pure labor of love and joy.

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