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We are continuing to accept work for website/ online publication.  Perhaps it is a piece you have already written and have tucked away in one of your journals?  Perhaps it is a poem you are going to write?  The reflection could be on anything mystical, existential, metaphysical and related to the many broad arching themes of yoga and meditation such as: breath, beauty, truth, relationship, love, meditation, transformation, balance, suffering, healing, strength, compassion, service, etc…

We highly recommended reading Volume 1 and/or 2 before submitting.  Limit the number of pieces you submit to 3.  AND SUBMIT EACH POEM THROUGH A SEPARATE FORM.

In coming weeks, your poem may be promoted to the website.  Notification may not be given, so check back often!  If your poem is live on the website, work hard to generate as many Facebook “likes” and Twitter “tweets” as possible.  The more popular your poem is with the community the more likely it will be published in future print Anthologies. 

All submissions subject to license agreement below.
Be creative, be free!


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Licensing Agreement

This agreement, by and between The Poetry of Yoga/ Rajeev “HawaH” Kasat (hereinafter referred to as Editor) and Author (the party who holds the rights to submit the piece(s) discussed herein), is an exchange of services, for mutually agreed upon sufficient consideration, under the agreeable terms below… view full licensing agreement