Krishna Das

Sharing his heart through music and chanting is the basis of Krishna Das’ own spiritual work—his way of serving the Divine within himself and others.

Krishna Das first traveled to India to meet and stay with Maharaj-ji after hearing about this extraordinary guru from Ram Dass in 1968.  While living in India, Krishna Das’ heart was especially drawn to the practice of Bhakti Yoga—the yoga of devotion. Fanning the flames of his inner longing, Maharaj-ji led him deeper and deeper into the practice of kirtan—chanting the Names of God.

Since being asked by Maharaj-ji to return to America in 1973, Krishna Das has continued  to make numerous pilgrimages throughout India, meeting teachers and saints of many spiritual traditions on his quest to open and purify his heart.  He has studied Buddhist meditation practices with Anagarika Munindra and S.N. Goenka, and has been initiated into Tibetan Buddhist practices by lamas from various lineages.

Krishna Das has been chanting on a regular basis in yoga centers all over the world. He has taught with Ram Dass and sung for many saints and yogis in the U.S.  and India.