Alanna Kaivalya

Alanna possesses many talents, but they all fall under one mission: to convey a sense of joy and freedom through harmony and synchronicity. As a singer/songwriter, author and yoga instructor, she channels a passion for finding the connection to our human-ness in everything she does.

Currently, Alanna lives in New York, were she created and leads the Pure Yoga Teacher Training. Living in New York gives Alanna ample opportunity to stretch her creative wings, and she can often be found on random weeknights singing in a downtown club or during the day walking her dog, Roxy. 2009 was a creative year for her, not only writing and launching the Pure Yoga Training, but also writing her new book, The Myths of the Asanas.

During her classes, Alanna strives to blend her love of music with the breadth of knowledge of yoga philosophy she has gained through her studies with her mentors, Sharon Gannon, David Life and Manorama, as well as many others including Dharma Mittra, Emil Wendl and Michael Bonamer. Another aspect of teaching that Alanna has gained a strong reputation for is her physical adjustments – which she has been teaching to yoga teachers on 5 continents over the past 6 years. In her classes you can expect rockin’ music, dynamic adjustments and creative sequencing all backed by the clever, modern, charismatic artistry of her presentation of the underpinnings of yoga.

She has traveled the world and contributed to many teacher trainings (Radiantly Alive, Flow Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga) as well as taught at conferences (Yoga Journal, Telluride Yoga Festival) and offered workshops in at least 9 countries and countless destinations therein. Yoga Journal has named Alanna as one of the top 21 instructors under age 40 in the nation, and she has been featured on, and in Body + Soul Magazine. Her podcast, which started in 2005 has been heard by over one million people worldwide.

To Learn more about Alanna please visit her website.