JJ Semple

Teaching yoga to my son, Jordan--France, 1995

JJ Semple is the author of two books on Kundalini and its effect on evolution.  His first book is a memoir of his Kundalini awakening: Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a TimeThe Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death takes an expanded look at techniques for activating Kundalini in a safe, permanent, and repeatable fashion.

JJ Semple’s formal education includes English Literature at the University of Pennsylvania and George Washington University, and a master’s degree in marketing from Hauts Etudes de Commerce in Paris.  However, his worldly accomplishments pale beside his forty years of living with and writing about Kundalini.  JJ Semple is one of the foremost authorities on activating and managing Kundalini. His study involves yogic practices and spiritual exploration, inspired by a wide variety of teachers, writers and philosophers, including Gopi Krishna, Milarepa, and Lao Tse.

“After many years of practicing Yoga and meditation on my own, and, as a consequence, permanently awakening Kundalini,” says JJ Semple, “I realized my method would work for others, especially self-learners like myself. It’s called Golden Flower Meditation, a method I discovered while studying and practicing The Secret of the Golden Flower. I use it with students all over the world.

“I don’t charge for the method; in fact, I give it away through my website Golden Flower Meditation and my publishing company, Life Force Books.  In addition, I created Common Sense Kundalini as reference for all things Kundalini.”

As for JJ Semple’s son, Jordan, pictured in the photograph above, he has moved on to bigger things, but still practices yoga!