The Child Inside

The Child Inside
–Maryam Alikhani
(Lines composed after Persian New Year parties in New York)

Too much party, too much dance
“Long Island”, “Sex on the Sand”
“Margarita on Rock with Salt”
I need some cleansing
I need some light.

Back to my Savasana pose
In my chamber of musk and rose
I breathe in light
Breathe out lines
Of new poems to compose.

A Warrior I stand
Against the war within
The biggest battle of all
A war to lose
A war to win.

I try many moves:
The Cat, the Crow
The Dog, the Dove
I hear all wild calls
I pose in my baby mode.

I let them out, I let them hide
I let them live, I let them die
After nights of adult life
I find my solace
The child inside.