on occupying the present

can you receive these words through your intellectual faculties without being constrained by thoughts
or getting caught in the web of analysis?
are you willing to examine this together with me by feeling your way through these letters and forgiving these words for conjuring up relics of your own experience, which is inherently limited?
words also feel like exhausted and unappreciated workers at times.
i thank you for offering your eyes and your imagination.

share space
dissolve barriers of yours and mine so we can walk together
not in an ordered line but to sever notions that property is personal
space is personal in that i fill it with presence of mine and time is of the essence when i occupy it with presence of mind
dialogue yields re-purposing of how we conceive of possessions when we understand that they are temporal
today there are displaced obsessions on concrete, tangible things
i’m thirsty for the feeling i get when awareness is consecrated to the spaces between

it feels like utopia can be accessible without so much trying to make it
and creation so much more fluid when the ego steps out of the way of it
appreciate all the energy that would be released once the anxiety of what’s yours and mine has ceased to
seize such a tight grip on our notion of worth
our interconnection a more enduring infrastructure than metal bars forced into the earth to support misguided projections
i want to free up the energy reserved for protection and self-preservation
to be distilled down to what is ours, communicated through meditation

and i’ve envisioned masses of silent ‘mobs’ walking together holding candles and looking out at the world with soft eyes
and somewhere in there is the wordless answer to what my core cries out for
to achieve communication without tirelessly speaking, understanding without over-thinking
and acceptance that perfection is together in the present state

yet some will do or take anything for a glimpse of what that potential could feel like
we barter with chemicals to alter consciousness and i understand the intent
to dissolve the daily buildup of playing along with a game we didn’t invent but still we perpetuate
and responsibility is an essential element, too often substituted for with self-hate

our interconnectedness is an inevitable reality
while we’ve magnified the role of duality so that we can’t even appreciate its merits
letting opposites be pinned against each other, we resist completion like we’re scared of it
and we’d stop fearing each other when we cease to fear what’s at our core
competition is obsolete; the futility of keeping score in a game we play against ourselves
simultaneously, living is a divine comedic paradox

because there is so much that living in the tangible teaches me when i’m not hellbent on controlling it with my mind
and my physical body yields a beautiful form when i don’t force it to take the shape of a temporal idea of mine
what’s there to lose in believing the same goes with nature? everything, if i’m attached to force. nothing if i believe in the perfected order nature has to run her course.

yet i cannot find peace in any ideology, substance or system of belief that i can yield to. the paradox is that i’ve already reached the destination, and it is Love.


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