Jalandhara Bandha

As head bows and chin draws to chest,
I watch the breath as it moves into rest,
the lines of the head meet the spirals of the heart,
and bound thoughts and emotions try to unravel apart,
But find themselves trapped in an energetic bind,
in an unconscious dialogue between the heart and the mind,
Manifesting as knots in the centre of my chest,
where the wisdom of the heart lies denied and suppressed,
Tears spring to eyes,frightened and lost,
Knowing that disloyalty to self wages a cost.
And every time I betray my heart, I die a little death,
By drowning in pools of confusion and mixed emotion that swim in spirals on my breath.
Gradually the heart stills and silence starts to speak,
Fear melts into rest and the tears dry to my cheek,
I surrender resistance,
and bow to these emotions as the voices of my soul,
trusting that they’ll navigate me back to feeling whole.
With head still drawn, I exhale and surrender all volition
and with in breath, gratefully, return to intuition.


  1. I found this beautiful, I wish I had written it myself

  2. David Douglas says

    Having lost my voice to speak about this great wide openness of existence, it is wonderful to realize many who have not lost their ability to share their yogic experience, life experience. I will add this site to my favorites and might even have something to say!!!
    Love light space

  3. Really beautiful, great work.

  4. In my research for my post few days ago exrolping Chakras, I found this great little chart that shows them in action. With this chart it’s easy to make the connection between the chakras used in a sun salutation and the chakras used in other poses. For instance, the Vishuddha (throat) chakra that is stimulated in your standing back bend is also used in fish pose when the head is brought back. The same chakra is suppressed in poses where Jalandhara Bandha, a0or the chin lock, is used such as plow pose.


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