Perhaps it is a piece you have already written and have tucked away in one of your journals?  Perhaps it is a poem you are going to write?  The reflection could be on anything mystical, existential, metaphysical and related to the many broad arching themes of yoga such as: breath, beauty, truth, relationship, energy, movement, unity, love, meditation, transformation, balance, suffering, healing, strength, compassion, pain, service, etc…

You can read some of the “featured” pieces to the right to get a feel for some of the poetry that has been included in the first 2 volumes of the book.  Please limit the number of your submissions to three poems.  If you prefer, copy and paste your poetry directly into the form below from any standard word processing program.  To make it easier, you can stack them one upon the other in the same form.

If deemed worthy by our editors, your poem will at some point be promoted to the website content pages.  In rare cases, your poem might even make it all the way into Volume 3 of The Poetry of Yoga Book Anthology (although this is not being planned until 2015).  You will be notified by email regarding whether your piece(s) was selected to be included either online or in the third volume of the book.  If any edits have to be made, we will send revisions to you and ask for your blessing on the alteration.

Be creative, be free!