Transcendence is an apocalyptic event
It takes the past as it leaves the present
Change is always the same
If you care to look deeper into it
It is form passing into form
It is orgasmic
It is the expansion of truth and reality
Through the phases of duality
Like the moon it moves from necessity
Guaranteed full promised monthly
This is bold like love is bold
Naked revealed
It has no body and nobody can have it
Love that is… has no body
and no body has love
Love is the body
Blood, the intoxication the invitation
To this apocalypse
This standing naked
Psyche stripped is the flesh
The matter is the mind
Thought is form
Words come next

-written by Sharon Gannon
In 1984 Sharon Gannon and David Life created the Jivamukti Yoga Method, which is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. Yoga Journal has recognized Sharon Gannon and David Life as innovators in Yoga, and the NY Times says, “Without Jivamukti, yoga in the US would still be the obscure practice of a few devotees.”