Home Practice

Home practice

Everything hurts
I do standing poses
I am in a room filled with drums
I move to the rhythm of the drums
I hug in
I root down, I root up, organic energy
I engage my muscles in side angle
I make sure my muscles don’t move off the bones,
I am softening
I fill up with air
side body long, open to grace
Inner, outer spiral, tuck the tail bone, Mula-bhandha
This is not a linear thing
Triangle pose
I am not in my house
I hug my feet towards each other
my hamstring is safe
Sometimes I think my front leg needs more outer spiral
I vacillate between the two
One is right and both are right
Down dog
I get my arms in the right place
inner spiral forearm, outer spiral humorous
head of the arm bones moving forward
The muscles attaching the scapula feel funny
I back off,
Sometimes I think I can engage my muscles right off the bone
not a good thing, I soften again, breathe in to the back body
I draw up from the knee caps
thighs pushing back, upwards behind me, protecting the psoas
during the lunge pose
Reverse warrior
I go from side angle prep to reverse warrior
Back and forth like Elena says
I twist in a lunge, my arm to the sky
I keep it simple
That was yesterday
Today I will sit in meditation
inner spiral my thigh, outer spiral my shin
So my good knee wont hurt


  1. Lovely! This perfectly expresses the rhythm of thought as I move from one pose to another. Beautiful, simple voice that moves me.

  2. Karen Spencer says

    Thank you.

  3. Karen Spencer says

    Thank you. I have the same questions at times.

  4. The inner and outer spirals capture the physical reality as the personal experience follows the same pattern, flowing between effort and meditation and between struggle and acceptance.

    Thank you for putting words to the ebb and flow of yoga as it is experienced in the body and mind.

  5. Beautifully expressed. The movement of your words, expresses my experience..
    Thank You!!!

  6. I like the fullness and thoroughness of this poem.

  7. Anne winkler-Morey says


  8. Austin Alexis says

    I like the thoroughness and completeness of this poem.

  9. Simply beautiful. You put to words the odd impressions I have experienced while talking to myself about moving without words. Your poetry is as delightful as your movement.

  10. That’s wry and beautiful. Thanks for writing and sharing it.

  11. I love the first line! “Everything hurts” — perfect, and others too, like “this is not a linear thing”.. enjoying reading!

  12. The poem embraces movement creating palpable images in my mind of the writer’s internal struggle to transcend physical pain while expressing herself through myriad forms of yoga, rhythm, and dance. It is an emotional journey that the writer openly shares with us.

  13. Nice! A peom that truly explores yoga. Like the ending line about the knee not hurting.

  14. Kevin Rendon says

    Lovely. Very visual

  15. Gordon Gilbert says

    Altho not familiar with yoga, I get a sense of the poetry of motion and repose,
    the unity of body and spirit, in the straightforward account given here.
    There is also peacefulness and quiet.
    Well done.

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