Sparks In Space

We’re all just sparks in space,
floating members of the human race.
Our earth-ship revolves
as times dissolves
days into night
buffing burrs from blight.
So as we grow in the air
take the greatest of care
to breath deep
and better leap
a long life
lending love where we see strife.
For we can do anything at all
while we’re here to have a ball
cause Life is all for joy,
learning lots to better employ
each moment to the full.
So ignore the bull,
get up off the couch,
fill your head pouch,
stretch in the sun,
smile cause it’s fun
but most of all laugh, giggle, let your belly rumble
and from the Way do not stumble.
Let loose
your creative juice
to show others the beauty
behind our duty!
Yet what could that be you ask?
For all of humanity one sole task?
I posit that foremost of all
we are here to care for our great green ball.

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