…Yet, I Came

I had no incense to offer you
Yet, I came.

My hands were empty
I had no tidings
My shoes were worn and muddy
I knew not what you would expect of me
I made some wrong decisions
Yet, I came.

I came and walked around your temple
Doing rounds of 108

I lost count halfway in between
I knew not if I should return to the beginning and count again
I knew not what I should say when I was before you

The rain had me damp from the burden of a tumultuous journey.

Always seemingly searching
For what I could possibly offer.

Religion was obscure
But, not wanting to miss any opportunity to know you
I surrendered to every holy place and faith I came across.

I came seeking direction
Walked circles around your statues

I knew not what to offer
My hands were empty
The fruit I had not purchased
From the woman selling alms outside your gate.

I entered nonetheless
Hungry and thwarted by a self-imposed loneliness
And, I was unsure if I was to feed you

Or, you were to feed me?
At times, I even felt unsure of how to pray.

I came as a wanderer
Wanting to offer something
Yet not knowing what
Finally, I decided
I would simply offer myself

-written by HawaH