Flying Heights

“Whoever told you you can’t fly was afraid of heights you’d reach if you tried”

Let this be the best day of your life
cause it’s the one you are living
let this moment be a gift
cause it’s what you’ve been given
live as if this were the end
cause it’s just the beginning

the extension of the moment into existence

euphoria is an arrival at truth
when you don’t have to go anywhere
it goes with you
it becomes you

reminding your runaway child
there is no place that love cannot find you

and the courage of the millions who came before
is marching behind you

we wont let go of the promise of prophets
the hope for tomorrow

this tomorrow has no name
but we are calling her forth
this tomorrow is not the same as yesterday
but she is as ancient as the world

we were born right now for a reason
we can be whatever we give ourselves the power to be

and right now we need dream-weavers,
bridge-builders, truth-sayers,
light-bearers, food-growers,
wound-healers, trail-blazers,
life-lovers, peace-makers

give what you most deeply desire to give
every moment you are choosing to live
or you are waiting

why would a flower hesitate to open?
now is the only moment
rain drop let go
become the ocean
possibility is as wide
as the space we create to hold it

-written by Climbing PoeTree (Alixa & Naima)
Making up Climbing Poetree, Alixa and Naima are artists of the words the world is thirsty for. With roots in Haiti and Colombia, Alixa and Naima reside in Brooklyn and track footprints across the country and globe.